1. Small form-factor GPS/GSM tracker

    Update: Now you can pre-order here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arduino-gps-gsm-anytracer New version of small form-factor GPS/GSM tracker. Real positions available as Public on test site. Change MCU to EFM32 increase standalone time (previous version use STM32 MCU) Also change old BMA180 to MMA8562 and add 32Mbit (4MB) flash chip to save data if GSM not available or battery low. Use MS Azure platform for web site and service for collect data from trackers. Based now on GL865 but with Fibocom GSM dimensions reduce from 24x24 to 24x18 mm (GPS antenna size 15x15 on my hand) Now check various...

  2. First step to production (step 2)

    Now easy to production. This China reflow start now with vehicle tracker schematic available After one week after works...

  3. Telit Terminal

    I use RSTERM software from roundsultions for programming Telit modules (GE863, GE865, GM862). But this program don't work with budget CP2102 USB-serial convertor. This simplest terminal program works with serial port via serial port class from .NET framework. Source codes available at github...

  4. Small trackers

    Now in development stage, with my biologist friend Addy de Jongh ( http://www.vriendenvandeotter.nl ), but all software applicable from high models. Small time for fixup (4-7 seconds with offline A-GPS) increases standalone battery time. All parts made in dimensions for 950 mA battery (54x32 mm - thanks China brothers). This photo contains all components - GPS active anetenna and GSM antenna. (50 ec not a price). Additional BMA180 accelerometer (small black chip at left top) can help to define activity and reduce ON time. In center placed STM32 MCU. Now STM32F101T8/B (or 103 if microUSB is mounted...

  5. DIY DGPS - Step 2 - How it works

    Traditional way looks very simple With DGPS support this simplest transform to more complex Initial state the same as on simple send position to server. But next stay more complex. After state 1 - server search nearst ground station (via current position, or last known position, or Cell ID information). Algorithm and how to collect ground stations see in step 1. After find near station server connect to STR channel and translate RTCM 2/3 to device via GPRS (2 on diagram). Other device (placed in other region - 3 on diagram) can send own position and other info to server but has other neast ground...



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