Small form-factor GPS/GSM tracker

Update: Now you can pre-order here


New version of small form-factor GPS/GSM tracker.

Real positions available as Public on test site.

Change MCU to EFM32 increase standalone time (previous version use STM32 MCU)

Also change old BMA180 to MMA8562 and add 32Mbit (4MB) flash chip to save data if GSM not available or battery low.

Use MS Azure platform for web site and service for collect data from trackers.

Based now on GL865 but with Fibocom GSM dimensions reduce from 24x24 to 24x18 mm (GPS antenna size 15x15 on my hand)

Now check various SimOnChip (Telenor, Essey, Beeline).

P.S. Add Eagle schematics and layout.

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  1. Good job!

    I'm wondering for quite long time, why does no one is using sim908 + stm32. In such projects the price is always important and both of them are cheap nowadays.

  2. good job,

    but the for being real stand alone thing, the battery size would kill its smallness

  3. Standalone time depends from GSM transmission scheduler. Up to 90 days - one per day and GPS ones per hour (900 mA/h)

  4. I would like to purchase 2 pcs.

    Is it possible?

  5. Currently we prepare on Indiegogo.com

    You can buy later

  6. This is probably a dead project because the most info I can find on the net is the 6 main components, and some of them are now defunct.

    I am going to make one of these with the updated components and possibly add additional features.

    I would love it if I could get the circuit diagram and bill of materials for the original and possibly the gerber files.

    If your unwilling to share the original details then that's fine it'll just take longer. I do not plan on selling anything, its for personal use only!

  7. Hi,

    add schematics and layout to end.

    Use SIM on chip.

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