1. Arduino compatible tracker with OBD-II

    Arduino ( sanguino.cc ) compatible tracker (ATMega644P) based Sagem Hilo GSM module and U-Blox NEO-5Q GPS module. Include OBD-II scanner on ELM327 (4 protocols) and pin compatible with OBDpro . Flash chip 64Mbit to save waypoints (AT45DB642D) and 3-axis accelerometer (MMA7455L). Host communication with mini-USB (CP2102). 4 I/O lines, speaker and microphone optional. Designed for plastix box 90 x 50 x 24 mm. Sagen HiLo Sagem HiloNC...

  2. Compact OBD-II adapter with Radio link

    Compact OBD-II adapter with TR24A radio adapter. Standard ELM327 controller with ATMega168 (arduino compatible) and TR24A radio module. Dimensions 58 x 32 mm


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