1. DIY DGPS - Step 1 - Prepare server

    1. Create a database with records of CAS and STR and fast service broadcast RTCM. The schema is very simple. 2. Simple console p rogram (C# .NET 2.0) collects CAS and STR records to database . I used the site http://rtcm-ntrip.org:2101 as root site. The total number of unique CAS records (servers) = 280. The total number of STR records = 8822 . For DGPS support, I use only RTCM 2/3 mountpoints = 6934 records. 3. Query to find the STR channel using coordinates (also possible to use the Cell ID data from GSM module and opencellid to approximate the coordinates.) declare @Latitude real , @Longitude...

  2. Arduino/Maple UBlox shield (Manual/Order Info)

    Arduino-UBlox shield manual Eagle schematic and layout . Photo available here Order board on BatchPCB

  3. Car/Personal Tracker with STM32 and UBlox G200/NEO5

    New car/personal tracker with STM32F103 microprocessor. Battery or only external 12V-20V power. Accelerometer, EEPROM, microSD. Plastic box 90x50x(16 or 24) mm Use Maple (Arduino compatible) IDE for programming. and in box Add SMS control as popular china device but only for compatible. Also Firmware over Air . UBlox.pde example #define DEBUG_LEVEL DEBUG_NONE #include "common.h" #include "usb.h" #include "usart.h" #include "gsm.h" #include "gps.h" #include <string.h> #include <math.h> #include <eeprom.h> #include <softi2c.h>...

  4. Firmware Over Air (FOA)

    Some projects need change firmware w/o access to device - only GPRS/RF access. This is a first part about common principal about FOA. First - we can't garanty time execution to write data to flash. Second - i want change firmware correctly (w/o lost functionality) I have only flash and ram. In common i need double flash (for old version and second part for new). Also startup code need understand which version correct and execute it. Now start to realize - divide flash to half (minus service areas). For example STM32RB contain 128Kb. 20Kb per bootloader, 8 Rb for EEPROM emulation - i have 100Kb...

  5. Modules for development

    New modules for future development. 1. Debugger module compatible with j-link with a small size. After upgrade to latest version 4.14d work fine with Keil and IAR. 2. STM32 module (compatible with Maple project but with a little changes in layout). Based on STM32F103RET6 microprocessor with 512Kb flash and 64Kb RAM. Power from External, USB or battery. Contain Li-Ion battery changer (MAX1555), 5V and 3.3V power regulators. 3. U-Blox GSM LEON G-200, GPS NEO-5, combo SIM+microSD holder. Also include switching power supply (or external Li-Ion battery. All pin from GSM/GPS pins available on headers...

  6. uTracker V2

    After experiments with GE865, AT90USB82/162 and NEO-5Q i decide remove CPU and use only USB-USART adapter (from SiLabs CP2102). Schematic more simple and programming with Python. Additional added GPS module power control, two buttons and LEDs. and board but after connect to host computer well known programm RSTerm (from roundsolutions.co.uk ) not work correctly with SiLabs chip CP2102. For work with GE865 via CP2102 i write own software like as RSTerm (more simplest but without problems with CP2102)....

  7. uTracker V2 (34 x 21 x 7 mm)

    Thank to local distributor of Pulse GPS chip antenna ! New variant of uTracker with 4x4 mm GPS antenna pass to designed phase. Preliminary design of uTracker V2 with 34 x 20.5 x 7 mm below. Also no Python now - based on ATMega168/328 (Arduino IDE) with accelerometer and flash memory 32/64 mbit to save waypoints. GSM part build on G100/G200 module from U-Blox and GPS on AMY-5M. One emergency button and 2 LED (highlight). External microhone and speaker for voice calls....

  8. Find near building address from GPS position

    Click on map to find nearest building How it work. Two tables on MS SQL 2005 and two functions. CREATE TABLE [dbo].[street] ( [name] [nvarchar](32) NULL, [street_id] [int] NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_street] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [street_id] ASC ) ) CREATE TABLE [dbo].[house] ( [house_id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [street_id] [int] NULL, [name] [nvarchar](20) NULL, [longitude] [real] NULL, [latitude] [real] NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_house] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [house_id] ASC ) ) and two functions -- LAT and LON in degrees CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[GeoDistance] ( @DLAT1 REAL, @DLON1 REAL, @DLAT2 REAL...

  9. uTracker ready

    Final uTracker view after soldering. GE865 + Ublox NEO-5Q + ATtiny85 (battery changer MAX15555) Dual side components PCB (4 layers)

  10. New PCB from topics

    New PCB from posts. GE865 + NEO-5Q GPS Tracker RF GPS module CC2511 + CC2590 USB adapter OBD-II scanner (ELM327) Texas CC Debugger USBprog adapter ( see prototype ) USBtinyISP ( see prototype ) Time to soldering :)...



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