1. BB Blue LORAWAN Gateway

    LORAWAN gateway (with integrated GPS) on custom board and BeagleBone Blue.

  2. Neoway SL720 433MHz

    Schematic for cheapest (10$) Neoway LORA module SL720 . Firmware for P2P mode Firmware for STAR mode...

  3. SX1278/SX1276 (RFM98W/RFM96W) LORA module

    UPDATE: Range for wire antenna 17cm 433MHz, LORA mode. Software based on Radiohead (see below) with STM32L151. Minimum RSSI -84 dB for 450 meters (across building). UPDATE : Implement standalone datagram server and client from Radiohead 1.46 Support USB-CDC and Serial communication. Source codes available on github Simple LORA RF module with RF96W/RF98W (HopeRF) and STM32L151CB. Configuration via soldering jumpers for USB, standalone or Raspberry PI. Software from LoRaMac-node...

  4. Router device (continue EzMacPro - STM32 & EFM32)

    First post about small device for home automation and meerkats control station. Test only with RFM22B and STM32F103CB. https://github.com/x893/EzMacPro32 Now device photo and complete in a box Now i use STM32L151 (5-6uA in sleep mode) but also test EFM32 (2 uA sleep). Ported EzMacPro stack provide P2P network (many base stations with many end-devices) or star (single base station) network. I plan use for home automation, simple car show control system and for wild animal control application. Build-in accelerometer provide device self control for movement (legal or not). Together with microSD device...

  5. Program CC Debugger (CC2511) with Arduino

    After soldering module CC Debugger (last module) i need to program internal flash with TI firmware. I havn't any TI development tools and decide use Arduino for program. Repository contains PDE file for Arduino and C# project for front-end on PC. First step - connect 3 wire from arduino to CC debugger: PD5 > CC DC line PD6 > CC DD line PD7 > CC RESET line and write sketch to access CC lines from host computer via serial port. Second program on C# to work with CC memory via Arduino and write original TI bootloader for CC debugger (converted to binary format) Third step write original...

  6. 2.4GHz RF modules and CC Debugger

    New RF modules based on CC25xx chips from TI (Chipcon) CC2511 USB dongle (meandred antenna) Schematic and board CC2511 + CC2590 USB dongle (IFA antenna) Eagle files and finally CC Debugger Eagle schematic and layout - how to initially programming see this post...



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