1. Simple Battery Monitor

    Simple battery monitor - free hands and no need tester. Simple and funny device for fast control battery. 4 LED for 4 voltage levels. 3.2V 3.5V 3.8V amd 4.0V Easy connect to battery and see voltage level and connect to device and see level during works Simple Excel screen for calculation resistors for voltage levels...

  2. Development adapters

    Old PCB but still helpfull 1. Mini-USB FT232 USB-UART adapter. Also used as VNC2 Debugger/Programmer Module - top 6 pins (for ComboIO shield) and adapter for BusPirate 3 (right picture - mount directly to left board) 2. FT2232D and FT2232H board (i prefer miniUSB)...

  3. Maple (STM32) library for CoOS

    MapleCoOS library for Maple platform to implement realtime CoOS . Also need change systick.c and systick.h in hardware\leaflabs\cores\maple folder Blink example #include <MapleCoOS.h> /* Blink Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly. * LED connected from digital pin 13 to ground. */ int ledPin = 13; // LED connected to digital pin 13 #define LCD_BLINK_PRI 3 /* Priority of 'lcd_blink' task. */ #define UART_PRINT_PRI 4 /* Priority of 'tart_print' task. */ OS_STK task_init_Stack[TASK_STK_SIZE]; /* Stack of 'task_init' task. */ OS_STK led_display_Stack[TASK_STK_SIZE...



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