1. Protect flash content against direct download

    This's flash request/play worlflow for CommunityServer (with or without RED5 as video storage). Updated JW player call google analytics for tracking. Query parameters encrypted and check ticket TTL.

  2. Download file with non-US name from CommunityServer

    Current version of CS use Content-disposition filename header field to set correct filename during download. This work correctly on IE 7/8 and not work on all other browsers. This browser not UrlEncode filename field from Content-disposition field. Simply change next httphandlers (web.config) to support national filenames. < system . web > ... < httpHandlers > ... < add verb = "GET" path = "cfs-file.ashx" type = "CustomCSHandlers.FileHttpHandler, CustomCSHandlers" /> < add verb = "GET" path = "cfs-filesystemfile.ashx" type ...

  3. Resolve problem with UTF-8 in Graffiti

    Add line <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> to file graffiti-admin\common\adminmasterpage.master (head section) Also add this line to Site Options - Settings - Header textbox.



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