Fix error in J-Link OB-STM32F072-CortexM from 26/09/2016

The latest version of firmware for the J-Link OB-STM32F072-CortexM to 26 September 2016 contains an error in the implementation of the COM transmission.

To fix you need to change a few bytes:

Address   Old New

0800BD90: 90 00
0800BD91: 20 BF
0800BD92: C0 00
0800BD93: 05 BF
0800BD94: 01 00
0800BD95: 68 BF
0800BD96: 6F 00
0800BD97: 4A BF
0800BD98: 0A 00
0800BD99: 40 BF
0800BD9A: 02 00
0800BD9B: 60 BF
It may also need to connect PA7 with ground.

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  1. J-Link OB-STM32F072

  2. I can't find these bytes at that files,please help me

  3. If you can't find - i can't help you.

  4. this version of jlink ob have drag and drop programing option i want it for for blue pill with mbed if not what firmware i could get from the DLL to get this option

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