1. BusPirate Console

    BusPirate Console. Source code available on GitHub

  2. Debug NetduinoGo with Keil

    This small Keil project helps to debug .NET MicroFramework for NetduinoGo. Install Porting Kit 4.2 (RTM QFE1) Extract files (with overwrites) from netduino go firmware v4.2.0 source to porting kit folder (NETMF) Extract files from netduino go keil.rar to porting kit folder (NETMF) Edit 2 files for correct paths (Keil and MS .Net 4.0 paths) prebuild.bat Solutions\NetduinoGo\MDK-ARM\build.bat Run prebuild.bat release prebuild.bat debug and check successfully build both configuration. Open Keil project and correct debugger and other parameters Solutions\NetduinoGo\MDK-ARM\netmf.uvproj Connect device...

  3. Reflector.BatchFileDisassembler

    Addin for Reflector . Download Reflector.BatchFileDisassembler.zip Thanks Denis Bauer


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