Micro GPS/GSM Tracker


Compare 3 GPS modules:

  • Quectel L70 (GPS only)
  • Quectel L76 (GPS/GLONASS)

New version of micro animal tracker.

MCU - EFM32G210F128 (Cortex-M3, 128K flash)
Flash memory 4Mbytes
Quectel M66
GPS module from L70, L76, UBlox MAX-M7Q/8Q, Simcom SIM68V
Accelerometer MMA8552 (or MPU-6050/MPU-9050)
Solar panel controller
Nano SIM holder
2 User LED
2 batter charge LED
micro-USB for recharge and serial link to MCU
Dimensions: 28x17x8 mm
(photo without antennas, bettery and solar panel)


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  1. Nice stuff. Any word on your Arduino AnyTracer project from Indiegogo?

  2. As i know Indiegogo project fail but development not depends from Indiegogo. Wild animal still alive and need tracking, Also some other projects still active (control childrens with tracker inside school bag, defense my family bicycles, etc.).

  3. Hi,

    Can I buy the Micro GPS/GSM tracker?

    What about the software development support?



  4. Hello,

    you can use skype link or mail via github or via bitbucket to contact with me. You can use russian if need.

  5. Do you think you would have a 3G version of this? We would be interested in that or at least some way to modify the current design to support 3G. Also, any way we can purchase this tracker?

  6. Hi, no problem to change M66 GSM to any other 2G or 3G mosule. I not selll this trackers because now in dev. process and it's custom product. For more info contact with me via skype.

  7. Good Morning,

    You can provide me the library that has the M66 to the Eagle please ?


  8. Where a could be found it?

  9. Currently for biologyst only. We published to Kick but not successful.

  10. Hi, I'm interested in the current product and I need more details about it, does it have GSM module(which GSM module is being used) as well along with GPS module, can you share you skype ID.

  11. Currently use Quectel M66. New version (in test now) use Quectel MC60 (integrate GSM + GPS + BT)

    skype and contact on left top corner

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