IoT LORAWAN Nano Tracker

New nano tracker build on RAK4200 LORA module from RAK.

Module size only 18x16 mm

Contain Telit SE868 GPS module with integrated patch antenna, barometer (BMP280/BME280), light sensor (OPT3001), accelerometer (MMA8652/MMA8653), additional 4 MBytes flash for save data and firmware updates.



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  1. Hi, is this available somewhere or did you built this module?

    I am interested for softrf and lorawan. What about firmware?


  2. Hi,

    lorawan (from Semtech) ported, also can use Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0

    Any software based on STM32L071 and SX1276

  3. Is there a way to add BLE? Don't really need a barometer for my application but could use Bluetooth

  4. Is it open source?

  5. I am interested with your IoT LORAWAN Nano Tracker. May I know the weight?

    My application is to track the balloon.

  6. Hello, greetings from Ecuador, writes Daniel Sánchez, I am a hardware engineer at the company Telconet, which is located in the city of Guayaquil - Ecuador, and I am working on a project in which a lorawan network is being used, and I am in The research phase, I am exactly looking for a sticker tracker device, the object is to be able to track small objects, we think that the best thing would be for the tracker to be a sticker type since we want the tracker object not to be detected.

    The stciker tracker must have the following requirements:

    The device must operate in the frequency range of 915Mhz (frequency of the Ecuador region)

    The device must be able to register on The things Industries (TTI) platform

    That the payload sent on the TTI platform can be decoded

    The device must have a high precision GPS

    The battery of the device must be long lasting (expected to be at least 12 months)

    Preferably the battery is rechargeable or replaceable.

    I would like to know if you have devices that can help us solve this problem.

    Thank you so much

  7. Do you sell this module?

    How we can contact you?


  8. Loko GPS tracker is similar and it is completely open-source http://nolilab.com

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