1. STM32 Vehicle Tracker

    Vehicle tracker with schematics and software. Features: STM32 48/64 pins (F10X, F20X, F40X, L151) GSM Telit GL685/GL868 GPS/GLONASS SL868/SL869 Accelerometer MMA7455 CAN bus (need MCU with CAN support) 2 input, 1 output signal Standard SIM or SimOnChip Only for 48 pins version Side connector for extension pcb Only for 64 pins version Battery support with charger USB support EEPROM in SOT-5 case Side connector to RFM70 or other module Beerware license http://github.com/x893/CarTracker P.S. PCB and case looks as previous tracker based on U-Blox P.P.S. I have 10 empty PCB for ...-Rx version so can...

  2. EFM32 bootloader with STM32 USART protocol

    EFM32 bootloader (Olimex EFMG880F128) support STM USART bootloader protocol. Use LEUART with 9600 b/s to communicate with host. Need add one file to STM Flash Loader demonstrator Map/EFM32G880F128.STmap...

  3. Lab power supply

    Simple dual power supply with TFT screen, bluetooth and control current and voltage. Millions thanks to http://www.maximintegrated.com/ for samples. Now it best company for sample (second TI :) ). One control board and up to 2 power supply board. and power supply based on Maxim (regulator+control+measure) all PCBs size 33x32 mm (only TFT display more but with Bluetooth control it no need) With 3 button easy to control without host All PCB connects as sandwich so i have a small cube with 33x32x30 mm for dual power with measurement and regulate dual voltage supply. Now too easy make a consumption...

  4. CMSIS-DAP adapter

    Simple PCB for CMSIS-DAP debug adapter. Additional serial (UART) interface. Compatible with Keil ARM. Available on Github (Eagle files and codes). Provide USB HID (for debug) and USB Serial (for messages) on STM32F103C8 chip.

  5. STM32/EFM32 small C interpreter for scripting

    Time to time i need prepare small C program for testing hardware so not need write a complex program with host compilation. So i port small C interpreter to EFM32. Very helpfull for me. Now use USART1 to communicate. Need ~ 45Kb flash and 2K RAM. All other flash/ram used for interpreter (or as small file storage). Target MCU reset Enter program code Call function See result After add wrappers to hardware modules i can easy call various interfaces. See original project here http://code.google.com/p/picoc/ Modified source code available on github . Open Keil project from ports/picoC.uvproj...



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