DIY JLink-OB-072 (JLink + COM)

UPD: Add Eagle files

Schrmatic & Board

for all type of USB connectors and technology rules from Rezonit.

Don't forget say thanks to SEGGER !


How to make JLink-OB-072 debug adapter. PCB with big USB, miniUSB and microUSB.

Easy and correct way - buy from SEGGER and be happy.
Also right way - build it yourself but with some limitation. You can't use firmware update from JLink.exe only via STM DFU utility.

Now need prepare first step. Buy correct beer (Krusovice) and open it.

1. Extract binary part from JLinkARM.dll (from JLink_V512)
For example from offset 7153340 (0x6D26BC) and size 41192 (0x0A0E8).
Use any binary extraction tool as you prefer.

After this you have file with 41192 bytes such as this

Now move to step 2
You need STM32F072C8 chip with simple connection:

Power (see datasheet for STM32F072C8) and USB (PA12, PA11). No more.

Now connect debugger or use BOOT selection and write this file from 0x8000000 addrerss and file from step 1 to 0x8004800 address.

Connect pins on STM32F072C8 with next

PA0 ----- 1K -----|<|---+ 3.3V   Activity LED
PA1 ----- 100 om ----TARGET RESET
PA2 ----- 100 om ---- TARGET SWCLK
PA3 -------------------- TARGET SWO
PA4 ----- 100 om ---- TARGET SWDIO

PA9 ----- 100 om ---- (COM TX) TARGET RX
PA10 --- 100 om ---- (COM RX) TARGET TX

For stability you can add crystal (with caps) to pins 5/6 but works w/o crystal.

If JLink say about firware update - you need prepare DFU image from 2 files above and use STM DFU utility to update (after agree to upgrade - device start in STM DFU mode or use BOOT pin).

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thinks!!!

  3. Zhanks for sharing. Thinks!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I have refer you article to my site.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I have refer you article to my site.

  6. How to do with jlink V6.00g, and extract firmware for stm32f103? thanks

  7. quote:

    For example from offset 7153340 (0x6D26BC) and size 41192 (0x0A0E8).

    how do you konw the offset 0x6d26bc where should be the start of binary file?

  8. I know how to find. Use head and tools.

  9. Thank.

    Sorry but with Segger 6.10i autoupdate result fail finish. Know You size of code for manual cut (for JLinkARM.dll from JLink_V610i)?

  10. Can't say about 610i but for 610n start from 0x8C8054 and length 0x0B66C

  11. Thank you. I hope me tomorrow lucky:)

  12. JLinkConfig (6.10n) show now Host Firmware 2016 Sep 26 10:03 but Emulator Firmware 2016 Mar 8 11:15 (Old). EWARM 7802 write need to update firmware yet, if press OK call JLinkConfig for update. And it result not success yet

  13. Sorry me please. Clear last comment please - I used DFUse not properly. JLinkConfig show now Emulator Firmware 2016 Sep 26 10:03. And not require update. Thank You

  14. Good. You can send some $ to segger

  15. Oh, I know now what to do with excess millon

  16. Hi, I want to ask you about the offset and the size. I open your version of 5.12 (I don't know which compilation) and I open 5.12c and they are quite different..

    The same with 6.12n version, I couldn't find a pattern. Could you explain us? It's will be usefull fot the next Segger DLL update. Thank

  17. I looked at the code and find the pattern in a few seconds )).

    But I have a question about scheme. On scheme I see 103 controller, but topic and files are named as 72. So I can solder and use this firmware with any of these controllers?

  18. I see pin to pin compatibility. So I can solder 072 and use firmware for 072 and can solder 103 and use 103 firmware?

  19. Mistake on brd/sch. Need use STM32F072C8/B

  20. А где взять JLink_V512 ?

  21. download.segger.com/Niklas/Setup_JLink_V512j.zip

  22. i thought i see the scheme on 618 (0xbc0dfc, 0xad66), but it wont work. please tell me the right one. thanks

  23. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hello ! Great job ! I did test on STM32F072 demo board MB1076, and I have J-link driver but no CDC (serial port) ;-( Do i need to change something ? enable spacial function ?

  25. 谢谢你!你太牛了。高手在民间。

  26. I need,please

  27. What do you need ?

  28. what is address and size in v6.88, pls?

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