Lab power supply

Simple dual power supply with TFT screen, bluetooth and control current and voltage.
Millions thanks to http://www.maximintegrated.com/ for samples. Now it best company for sample (second TI :) ).

One control board and up to 2 power supply board.

and power supply based on Maxim (regulator+control+measure)


all PCBs size 33x32 mm (only TFT display more but with Bluetooth control it no need)

With 3 button easy to control without host

All PCB connects as sandwich so i have a small cube with 33x32x30 mm for dual power with measurement and regulate dual voltage supply.

Now too easy make a consumption for device and check new device for first power on.

(this host PowerControl program to control parameters via bluetooth or serial link).

This example tune minimal voltage for Telit GL865 GSM module.

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  1. Super! Well done.

  2. Jinan USR IOT company is lined for Serial TTL UART embedded module, serial to wifi converter,GPRS. More info pls check:


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