STM32/EFM32 small C interpreter for scripting

Time to time i need prepare small C program for testing hardware so not need write a complex program with host compilation.
So i port small C interpreter to EFM32. Very helpfull for me.
Now use USART1 to communicate. Need ~ 45Kb flash and 2K RAM.
All other flash/ram used for interpreter (or as small file storage).

Target MCU reset

Enter program code

Call function

See result

After add wrappers to hardware modules i can easy call various interfaces.

See original project here http://code.google.com/p/picoc/

Modified source code available on github. Open Keil project from ports/picoC.uvproj

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  1. It compiled ok until



    .\build\STM32\picoC.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol getenv (referred from stdlib.o).

    Target not created

    I'm running uVision 4.60 on winXP. I tried a couples tricks but get no where. Any idea?

  2. I check with Keil 5 version and all compile and linking normally. You can change getenv to fixed size stack.

  3. Hi :)

    Really a great idea !!

    Have you planned to port the interpreter to the STM32F429 ??

  4. No

  5. The interpreter was great. But do you have any ideal the interpreter is a module in a FreeRTOS? Because I have another main system which is doing something else than interpreter.

  6. Never think about add OS because never need for me.

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