STM32/EFM32 small C interpreter for scripting

Time to time i need prepare small C program for testing hardware so not need write a complex program with host compilation.
So i port small C interpreter to EFM32. Very helpfull for me.
Now use USART1 to communicate. Need ~ 45Kb flash and 2K RAM.
All other flash/ram used for interpreter (or as small file storage).

Target MCU reset

Enter program code

Call function

See result

After add wrappers to hardware modules i can easy call various interfaces.

See original project here http://code.google.com/p/picoc/

Modified source code available on github. Open Keil project from ports/picoC.uvproj

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  1. It compiled ok until



    .\build\STM32\picoC.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol getenv (referred from stdlib.o).

    Target not created

    I'm running uVision 4.60 on winXP. I tried a couples tricks but get no where. Any idea?

  2. I check with Keil 5 version and all compile and linking normally. You can change getenv to fixed size stack.

  3. Hi :)

    Really a great idea !!

    Have you planned to port the interpreter to the STM32F429 ??

  4. No

  5. The interpreter was great. But do you have any ideal the interpreter is a module in a FreeRTOS? Because I have another main system which is doing something else than interpreter.

  6. Never think about add OS because never need for me.

  7. This little interpreter will be great on the last stm32H7 series , have you plan to port it on this model with HAL library ?


  8. I have not H7 dev board but it's possible with LCD support.

  9. I have mean just adapt the core interpreter for a board like the cheap stm32h7 nucleo 144. www.st.com/.../nucleo-h743zi.h It can be a good start ;)

    LCD and every other shiny things can come latter :)

  10. May be later. First - need buy H7 first and second - find time. I port picoC for school project and now not actual.

  11. What was the interpreter image size ?

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