STM32 Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle tracker with schematics and software.


Cx version support direct connection GPS to GSM via wires (or change layout) so you can use buildin Python to implement tracker functions without STM32 MCU.


Links to OSH Park pcb service


STM32 48/64 pins (F10X, F20X, F40X, L151)
GSM Telit GL685/GL868
Accelerometer MMA7455
CAN bus (need MCU with CAN support)
2 input, 1 output signal
Standard SIM or SimOnChip
Only for 48 pins version
Side connector for extension pcb
Only for 64 pins version
Battery support with charger
USB support
EEPROM in SOT-5 case
Side connector to RFM70 or other module

Beerware license


P.S. PCB and case looks as previous tracker based on U-Blox

P.P.S. I have 10 empty PCB for ...-Rx version so can send via standard post service

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  1. Hi, I would appreciate a board if you have any left. Very interesting project.

  2. Hi,

    Nice project. Where can I buy the finished product?

  3. No plan for sell. You can make it yourself.

  4. Hi,

    Do you have some PCBs left?

  5. yes, Rx version - send your post addres to me

  6. Hi, do yoy have any pcb left? Rx versión? Please contact with me

  7. have you a component list for this project

    Have you a part number for the inductor of the SWPS


  8. I'd love to get a comment if this project would fit my liveview Pt10 stm32 tracker?

  9. and you can link where it is ? but I can not find it? Thank you

  10. Do you have any web page with database for saving history of vehicle positions?

  11. Yes but without public access.

  12. hi

    your project i awsome, do you have some blog about it,maybe for more development collaboration?

  13. hi

    i dont know too much aobut C or keil, for me your FW code is complex, i would like to understand it. Could you please give me some guide about your code?


  14. I havn't this guide. As variant you can learn python and use build-in python support in GM868

  15. Hi

    I am quite interested with your work. Do you have any PCBs left with you or any board already attached with the microcontrollers and other electronics

    Waiting to hear from you



  16. Hello,

    I am interested with your project. In previous version there is micro sd card. In new version as I see there is not micro sd, is data recording done to database over GPRS? I do not want to send data through Gprs. Is it possible to record data inside a micro sd or usb memory?

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