Great project OpenMV but only need order 4 layers PCB.
Redesign to 2 layers and now soldering and test.

Additional PCB with 3G modem (H350) provide fully autonomous transmitter images.

3G modem now as arduino or Raspberry Pi shield  but after testing make PCB within same size.

2 layer OpenMV Eagle files

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  1. Nice site ! could you please post some details related to OpenMV integration with 3G modem ?

  2. I use Fibocom 3G module www.fibocom.com/.../2-1-1-3.html now with wires connections to shild. After all tests - i make pcb with the same size as OpenMV with 3G module, SIM card and solar charger.

  3. I had a look on archive but it looks that PCB routing isn't complete. Do you have an updated archive ?

    Thank you


  4. Please disregard my last question. I was opening it with Kicad and wasn't filling the areas.

  5. Would like to discuss the project further with you. Could you share your email or phone#?

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