1. Port MiWi and SimpliciTi for STM32

    Microchip MRF89XA and Anaren A1101R08A good candidates as internal RF modules for vehicle tracker. Anaren module twice less than Microchip but less antenna. So need check in a real conditions. But no library from STM32 processor. After some days i port SimpliciTI and MiWi libraries to STM32 platform. Now check both solutions for internal mesh network inside car - OBD, camera, display, sensors and control modules for vehicle tracker Download from CodePlex Also port Microchip TCPIP (WiFi) stack for STM32...

  2. Maple HardwareCAN

    HardwareCAN library for Maple 0.0.12

  3. STM32 Dev. board (Arduino compatible)

    Version 2 Support new ST microprocessors STM32F20xRx / STM32F40xRx (successfully work with .NET MicroFramework from http://netmf4stm32.codeplex.com/ ) Also support STM32F105Rx (with OTG) and STM32F103Rx Add additional headers for power for connect module on one side (+3.3, 5V power). Need correct set C22/C23 and USB-JP1/USB-JP2. For host mode need external power. Eagle schematic and layout . Version 1.0 This is developer board based on STM32F103R microprocessor. Pin compatible with Arduino platform. For use with Arduino IDE use software from Maple project....

  4. Development adapters

    Old PCB but still helpfull 1. Mini-USB FT232 USB-UART adapter. Also used as VNC2 Debugger/Programmer Module - top 6 pins (for ComboIO shield) and adapter for BusPirate 3 (right picture - mount directly to left board) 2. FT2232D and FT2232H board (i prefer miniUSB)...

  5. Maple (STM32F10X) library for EEPROM emulation

    Maple library for EEPROM emulation . 2 flash page need to reserve. Build on ST application note AN2594 Download EEPROM for Maple 0.12

  6. STM32 modules

    Some new modules for easy life. First low cost 4.3" display from sharp (30$ LQ043) + 20$ for other It's extended - in a compact - only display size. This and other based on STM32 MCU and compatible with Maple platform. Next for tracker life need RF link. For this low price RF modules in tracker via SPI and USB adapter to host - with dual 2.4G and 868M adapters top side - 2.4GHz and back 868MHz modules with antennas. And at the end tracker with internal GSM antenna, GPS and other. All device based on STM32 MCU and as minimum support Maple bootloader to use with Maple-IDE....

  7. Arduino/Maple UBlox shield (Manual/Order Info)

    Arduino-UBlox shield manual Eagle schematic and layout . Photo available here Order board on BatchPCB

  8. New development boards

    Arduino/Maple shield with 2 USB host (VNC2), Ethernet (ENC28J60), Wi-Fi (ZG2100) and 868 MHz RFM23B module. Can be connect to extended Maple connector or Arduino pins. (WiFi module not mounted in left-top corner) Eagle schematic and layout . Order from BatchPCB . The-Bus-Pirate adapter (with FT232RL adapter). Eagle schematic and layout . Order from BatchPCB VNC2 Debugger Eagle schematic and layout . Order From BatchPCB and EEPROM (use FT-Prog to flash) 0000: 0440 0304 0160 0006 8032 0800 0000 980A 0008: A21A BC12 5410 0200 0A03 4600 5400 4400 0010: 4900 1A03 5400 5400 4C00 2D00 3200 3300 0018:...

  9. GSM modem + Asterisk

    I decide use GSM channel for local Asterisk PBX. Many info about connect GSM phone via BT or Chan_sebi/gsm_open and other. Only one problem - i havn't BT and modem. So i decide use devices which i have. First - Maple dev board (STM32 based) and UBlox proto board (LEON-G200). Voice channel use I2S link and represents as ALSA under Linux. UART link used for control/status. After some modifications (and additions) in chan_sebi i can use this device as FXS/FXO in Asterisk. Current version realize on two boards - Maple and UBlox (2 and 3 in post) but later i think make a USB module in a ~ 25x40 mm...

  10. Car/Personal Tracker with STM32 and UBlox G200/NEO5

    New car/personal tracker with STM32F103 microprocessor. Battery or only external 12V-20V power. Accelerometer, EEPROM, microSD. Plastic box 90x50x(16 or 24) mm Use Maple (Arduino compatible) IDE for programming. and in box Add SMS control as popular china device but only for compatible. Also Firmware over Air . UBlox.pde example #define DEBUG_LEVEL DEBUG_NONE #include "common.h" #include "usb.h" #include "usart.h" #include "gsm.h" #include "gps.h" #include <string.h> #include <math.h> #include <eeprom.h> #include <softi2c.h>...



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