1. Micro GPS/GSM Tracker

    Update: Compare 3 GPS modules: UBLOX MAX-M8Q Quectel L70 (GPS only) Quectel L76 (GPS/GLONASS) New version of micro animal tracker. Features: MCU - EFM32G210F128 (Cortex-M3, 128K flash) Flash memory 4Mbytes Quectel M66 GPS module from L70, L76, UBlox MAX-M7Q/8Q, Simcom SIM68V Accelerometer MMA8552 (or MPU-6050/MPU-9050) Solar panel controller Nano SIM holder 2 User LED 2 batter charge LED micro-USB for recharge and serial link to MCU Dimensions: 28x17x8 mm (photo without antennas, bettery and solar panel)...

  2. Small tracker with camera

    Mini tracker with 2MP camera Features: MCU - STM32L151CB (128Kb flash) Flash memory 512Mbit (64Mb) Accelerometer MMA8552 GSM module Simcom SIM 5216E with 2MP OV2640 camera GPS module Quectel L70/L76, UBlox MAX-7Q/8Q or SIM68V MicroSD for photo and video MicroSIM holder RF module RFM95W/98W with LoRa Solar panel controller Dimensions: 48x26x8 mm...

  3. EFM32 bootloader with STM32 USART protocol

    EFM32 bootloader (Olimex EFMG880F128) support STM USART bootloader protocol. Use LEUART with 9600 b/s to communicate with host. Need add one file to STM Flash Loader demonstrator Map/EFM32G880F128.STmap Source for bootloader and application example available at Github ....

  4. OpenMV

    Great project OpenMV but only need order 4 layers PCB. Redesign to 2 layers and now soldering and test. Additional PCB with 3G modem (H350) provide fully autonomous transmitter images. 3G modem now as arduino or Raspberry Pi shield but after testing make PCB within same size. 2 layer OpenMV Eagle files...

  5. Small form-factor GPS/GSM tracker

    Update: Now you can pre-order here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arduino-gps-gsm-anytracer New version of small form-factor GPS/GSM tracker. Real positions available as Public on test site. Change MCU to EFM32 increase standalone time (previous version use STM32 MCU) Also change old BMA180 to MMA8562 and add 32Mbit (4MB) flash chip to save data if GSM not available or battery low. Use MS Azure platform for web site and service for collect data from trackers. Based now on GL865 but with Fibocom GSM dimensions reduce from 24x24 to 24x18 mm (GPS antenna size 15x15 on my hand) Now check various...


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