1. Lab power supply

    Simple dual power supply with TFT screen, bluetooth and control current and voltage. Millions thanks to http://www.maximintegrated.com/ for samples. Now it best company for sample (second TI :) ). One control board and up to 2 power supply board. and power supply based on Maxim (regulator+control+measure) all PCBs size 33x32 mm (only TFT display more but with Bluetooth control it no need) With 3 button easy to control without host All PCB connects as sandwich so i have a small cube with 33x32x30 mm for dual power with measurement and regulate dual voltage supply. Now too easy make a consumption...

  2. Simple Battery Monitor

    Simple battery monitor - free hands and no need tester. Simple and funny device for fast control battery. 4 LED for 4 voltage levels. 3.2V 3.5V 3.8V amd 4.0V Easy connect to battery and see voltage level and connect to device and see level during works Simple Excel screen for calculation resistors for voltage levels...

  3. CMSIS-DAP adapter

    Simple PCB for CMSIS-DAP debug adapter. Additional serial (UART) interface. Compatible with Keil ARM. Available on Github (Eagle files and codes). Provide USB HID (for debug) and USB Serial (for messages) on STM32F103C8 chip.

  4. Router device (continue EzMacPro - STM32 & EFM32)

    First post about small device for home automation and meerkats control station. Test only with RFM22B and STM32F103CB. https://github.com/x893/EzMacPro32 Now device photo and complete in a box Now i use STM32L151 (5-6uA in sleep mode) but also test EFM32 (2 uA sleep). Ported EzMacPro stack provide P2P network (many base stations with many end-devices) or star (single base station) network. I plan use for home automation, simple car show control system and for wild animal control application. Build-in accelerometer provide device self control for movement (legal or not). Together with microSD device...

  5. BusPirate Console

    BusPirate Console. Source code available on GitHub



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