2.4GHz RF modules and CC Debugger

New RF modules based on CC25xx chips from TI (Chipcon)

CC2511 USB dongle (meandred antenna)
CC2511 USB dongle
and board

CC2511 + CC2590 USB dongle (IFA antenna)

Eagle files

and finally CC Debugger

Eagle schematic and layout - how to initially programming see this post

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  1. Hi

    Do you have one or two CCDebugger pcb(s) left for sale ?

  2. I could also offer a goodfet 4_1 pcb in exchange. goodfet.sourceforge.net/.../goodfet41

    Btw. awesome blog, I wish I could route pcbs like you. Unfortunately Eagle is my cryptonite,...

  3. I not sale this. i make only for my own. If i make it now - i reduce size and remove all unused parts :)

    You can buy deirectly from TI


    i came across some of these CC2511F32 IC's in my collection and was wondering what to make with them lol

    your Eagle Schematics are AWESOME TOO !!!

    Thanks loads for making this open-source and taking the time to document this project way back in 2013 !!!

    Best wishes to you and i hope youre still tinkering with Eagle and making PCB's !!!!

    Once again - WELL DONE and Thanks LOADS !!

    - BRILLIANT !!!

  5. Thanks

  6. Is it possible to have the hardware files(.bdr, .sch) for the "CC2511 + CC2590 USB dongle (IFA antenna)" module?

  7. See files under schematics

  8. Do you have the list of components for the "CC2511 + CC2590 USB dongle (IFA antenna)" design?

    We are trying to duplicate your design, and we would like to make sure that we have the right components and sizes.

    Thank you for your help.

  9. You can make BOM from Eagle schematic. Also you can use reference design from Texas.

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