2.4GHz RF modules and CC Debugger

New RF modules based on CC25xx chips from TI (Chipcon)

CC2511 USB dongle (meandred antenna)
CC2511 USB dongle
and board

CC2511 + CC2590 USB dongle (IFA antenna)

and finally CC Debugger

Eagle schematic and layout - how to initially programming see this post

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  1. Hi

    Do you have one or two CCDebugger pcb(s) left for sale ?

  2. I could also offer a goodfet 4_1 pcb in exchange. goodfet.sourceforge.net/.../goodfet41

    Btw. awesome blog, I wish I could route pcbs like you. Unfortunately Eagle is my cryptonite,...

  3. I not sale this. i make only for my own. If i make it now - i reduce size and remove all unused parts :)

    You can buy deirectly from TI

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