Router device (continue EzMacPro - STM32 & EFM32)

First post about small device for home automation and meerkats control station.

Test only with RFM22B and STM32F103CB.


Now device photo

RF-GSM-WiFi router

and complete in a box

Complete box

Now i use STM32L151 (5-6uA in sleep mode) but also test EFM32 (2 uA sleep).

Ported EzMacPro stack provide P2P network (many base stations with many end-devices) or star (single base station) network.
I plan use for home automation, simple car show control system and for wild animal control application.

Build-in accelerometer provide device self control for movement (legal or not). Together with microSD device can record data from remote (end) device for long time w/o use GSM(GPRS) and WiFi.

Many thanks USR company for WiFi-USART module (based on EFM32 chip - so extremely low consumptions). This module provide easy access from any end-user device to this router (now i make a simple Android application to control and visualize some data)

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