1. Fix error in J-Link OB-STM32F072-CortexM from 26/09/2016

    The latest version of firmware for the J-Link OB-STM32F072-CortexM to 26 September 2016 contains an error in the implementation of the COM transmission. To fix you need to change a few bytes: Address Old New 0800BD90: 90 00 0800BD91: 20 BF 0800BD92: C0 00 0800BD93: 05 BF 0800BD94: 01 00 0800BD95: 68 BF 0800BD96: 6F 00 0800BD97: 4A BF 0800BD98: 0A 00 0800BD99: 40 BF 0800BD9A: 02 00 0800BD9B: 60 BF It may also need to connect PA7 with ground....

  2. LORAWAN and Satellite microtrackers

    New versions of microtrackers: LORAWAN - based on iM-880A-L module Satellite - based on STX3 module from GlobalStar LORAWAN version (not complete). Size:22 x 30 mm iM880A-L MCU + SX1276 GPS module ORG1411 Accelerometer Magnetometer Altimeter Flash 16MB Solar panel charger MicroUSB (host serial and charge) Reed switch Satellite version (not complete) Size:: 22 x 30 mm (w/o antenna) EFM32G210F128 processor GPS module ORG1411 Accelerometer Flash 16MB Solar panel charger Reed switch LORA version has 22 x 30 x 6 mm 1 – REED switch (deep sleep/normal or other functions) 2 – GPS module with...

  3. Neoway SL720 433MHz

    Schematic for cheapest (10$) Neoway LORA module SL720 . Firmware for P2P mode Firmware for STAR mode...

  4. LORAWAN - Second step

    Prepare software development after initial hardware tests complete. 1. Cross GCC for Raspberry Pi 2. Visual Studio projects for lora_gateway/packet_forwarder (not need if prefer Eclipse) 3.Eclipse for remote debug (on RPi) 4. Visual Studo projects for TTN RESP API, TTN MQTT client and simple local UDP Server 5. Create repository and commit (https://github.com/x893/LoRaWAN)...

  5. LORAWAN - First step

    Prepare LORAWAN gatewan. Build with Raspberry PI and iC880A concentrator (thanks Leeuwarden guys for module) add some plastic details Clone Lora-net lora-gateway and packet_forwarder (i use experimental branch), prepare configuration for TTN server and see it on map. (this picture from iot.semtech.com site) Now prepare node with iM880A-L module Clone Lora-net LoRaMac-node , change SK-iM880A example ClassA node (remove POTI, LED, add UART with debug messages, etc.) and see connection to gateway and packets on server. Create simple MQTT client to receive online messages from TTN broker (windows console...

  6. RC5 symmetric-key block cipher STM32

    Implement RC5 symmetric-key block cipher for STM32 RC5 wiki RC5.c, RC5.h

  7. SX1278/SX1276 (RFM98W/RFM96W) LORA module

    UPDATE: Range for wire antenna 17cm 433MHz, LORA mode. Software based on Radiohead (see below) with STM32L151. Minimum RSSI -84 dB for 450 meters (across building). UPDATE : Implement standalone datagram server and client from Radiohead 1.46 Support USB-CDC and Serial communication. Source codes available on github Simple LORA RF module with RF96W/RF98W (HopeRF) and STM32L151CB. Configuration via soldering jumpers for USB, standalone or Raspberry PI. Software from LoRaMac-node...

  8. uTracker batch production

    New green and white pcb for uTracker

  9. Sale of used car trackers (opensource)

    Version CX (STM32F100C8/B - 25$) and RX (STM32F101RC - 30$) Read carefully about GSM module below ! + delivery cost via EMS Post http://www.ems.post/ http://www.emspost.ru/ru/calc/ All trackers checked. See schematics and firmware on https://github.com/x893/CarTracker RX Version photos Options: Plastic case, GSM/GPS antennas (external 3m cables), power cable and 1 input sensor cable SL868 (GPS only) GL-868-DUAL ( countries limited ) http://3.imimg.com/data3/KY/RU/MY-793343/gl868-dual.pdf Country SIM lock for the following countries: RU (Russia) UA (Ukraine) BY (Belorussia) MD (Moldova) KZ (Kazakhstan...

  10. PTR9048 as Bluefruit LE Friend

    I see perfect adapter from Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend but need wait a time to delivery and already exists some PT9048 . Why not use and check Bluefruit LE Friend features ? Connect PT9048 to J-Link adapter and start nRFgo Studio Program S110 nRF51822 7.1.0 softdevice Program application blefriend_s110_xxaa_0_3_1_141112_blefriend_debug.hex Connect with wires to USB-UART adapter (only 3.3V !!! Command and Data mode works fine....



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