1. RC5 symmetric-key block cipher STM32

    Implement RC5 symmetric-key block cipher for STM32 RC5 wiki RC5.c, RC5.h

  2. SX1278/SX1276 (RFM98W/RFM96W) LORA module

    UPDATE: Range for wire antenna 17cm 433MHz, LORA mode. Software based on Radiohead (see below) with STM32L151. Minimum RSSI -84 dB for 450 meters (across building). UPDATE : Implement standalone datagram server and client from Radiohead 1.46 Support USB-CDC and Serial communication. Source codes available on github Simple LORA RF module with RF96W/RF98W (HopeRF) and STM32L151CB. Configuration via soldering jumpers for USB, standalone or Raspberry PI. Software from LoRaMac-node...

  3. uTracker batch production

    New green and white pcb for uTracker

  4. Sale of used car trackers (opensource)

    Version CX (STM32F100C8/B - 25$) and RX (STM32F101RC - 30$) Read carefully about GSM module below ! + delivery cost via EMS Post http://www.ems.post/ http://www.emspost.ru/ru/calc/ All trackers checked. See schematics and firmware on https://github.com/x893/CarTracker RX Version photos Options: Plastic case, GSM/GPS antennas (external 3m cables), power cable and 1 input sensor cable SL868 (GPS only) GL-868-DUAL ( countries limited ) http://3.imimg.com/data3/KY/RU/MY-793343/gl868-dual.pdf Country SIM lock for the following countries: RU (Russia) UA (Ukraine) BY (Belorussia) MD (Moldova) KZ (Kazakhstan...

  5. PTR9048 as Bluefruit LE Friend

    I see perfect adapter from Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend but need wait a time to delivery and already exists some PT9048 . Why not use and check Bluefruit LE Friend features ? Connect PT9048 to J-Link adapter and start nRFgo Studio Program S110 nRF51822 7.1.0 softdevice Program application blefriend_s110_xxaa_0_3_1_141112_blefriend_debug.hex Connect with wires to USB-UART adapter (only 3.3V !!! Command and Data mode works fine....


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