1. PTR9048 as Bluefruit LE Friend

    I see perfect adapter from Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend but need wait a time to delivery and already exists some PT9048 . Why not use and check Bluefruit LE Friend features ? Connect PT9048 to J-Link adapter and start nRFgo Studio Program S110 nRF51822 7.1.0 softdevice Program application blefriend_s110_xxaa_0_3_1_141112_blefriend_debug.hex Connect with wires to USB-UART adapter (only 3.3V !!! Command and Data mode works fine....

  2. Micro GPS/GSM Tracker

    Update: Compare 3 GPS modules: UBLOX MAX-M8Q Quectel L70 (GPS only) Quectel L76 (GPS/GLONASS) New version of micro animal tracker. Features: MCU - EFM32G210F128 (Cortex-M3, 128K flash) Flash memory 4Mbytes Quectel M66 GPS module from L70, L76, UBlox MAX-M7Q/8Q, Simcom SIM68V Accelerometer MMA8552 (or MPU-6050/MPU-9050) Solar panel controller Nano SIM holder 2 User LED 2 batter charge LED micro-USB for recharge and serial link to MCU Dimensions: 28x17x8 mm (photo without antennas, bettery and solar panel)...

  3. Small tracker with camera

    Mini tracker with 2MP camera Features: MCU - STM32L151CB (128Kb flash) Flash memory 512Mbit (64Mb) Accelerometer MMA8552 GSM module Simcom SIM 5216E with 2MP OV2640 camera GPS module Quectel L70/L76, UBlox MAX-7Q/8Q or SIM68V MicroSD for photo and video MicroSIM holder RF module RFM95W/98W with LoRa Solar panel controller Dimensions: 48x26x8 mm...

  4. EFM32 bootloader with STM32 USART protocol

    EFM32 bootloader (Olimex EFMG880F128) support STM USART bootloader protocol. Use LEUART with 9600 b/s to communicate with host. Need add one file to STM Flash Loader demonstrator Map/EFM32G880F128.STmap Source for bootloader and application example available at Github ....

  5. SX1278/SX1276 (RFM98W/RFM96W) LORA module

    Simple LORA RF module with RF96W/RF98W (HopeRF) and STM32L151CB. Configuration via soldering jumpers for USB, standalone or Raspberry PI. Software from LoRaMac-node...


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