Handmake GSM-GPS Tracker (second edition)

New uTracker on GE865. Small size.

New edition of tracker (SIM300DZ, EB-230/LEA-5S).

Add OBD-II (ISO) sensor, accelerometer and RFID reader.
Add TR24 2.4GHz module except USB link to host.
Change all to SPI (free 3 pins to buttons ?)
Add u-blox LEA-5S to schematic (alternative to EB-230)
Currently without camera (C328R).

Schematic (working copy)

USB radio connection dongle schematic

USB radio connection dongle

and layout

USB radio connection dongle layout


GPS tracker layout (plastic box 120x90x30 mm):

  • uBlox GPS reciever LEA-5S 50 channels
  • SIM300DZ (with audio path)
  • 2.4GHz radio adapter
  • accelerometer
  • ATmega324p/644p microprocessor (sanguino)
  • internal speaker and microphone to voice call
  • internal buzzer
GPS Tracker
PCB layout

Plastic case 120x60x30 mm


Also mini version of tracker available (as above version but with some changes):

  • plastic box 90x50x24 mm
  • with internal microSD card slot
  • change uBlox GPS reciever to EB-230
  • remove internal speaker, microphone and buzzer
GPS Tracker
PCB layout

Plastic case 90x50x24 mm

board with GPS/GSM embedded antennas and buttons (or external antennas)

Soldered PCB

USB top

USB bottom

Tracker top

Tracker bottom

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  1. Hi, is this USB design has both GPS and GSM capability? If I want to interact with the 2 modules upon plugin, how could I do that?


  2. You can use software switch. Now i use STM32 based devices - so 2 COM port for host for GPS and GSM.

  3. How do I detect this device on my pc. Thank U

  4. Great site!

  5. hello

    im looking for some one to design and make me gsm gps trackers but with specific sizes. It has to be no more than 1.8cm wide but can be up to 10cm long. Would need a solder point for high capacity battery and aerial.

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