MicroTracker V2

New microTracker based on

GE865 GSM/GPRS modem
uBlox NEO-5M (50 channels GSP reciever)
patch antenna up to 15x15 mm
additional add ATTiny13 to power management
1 button, 2 LEDs (one green and 1 white extra lights)
Li-Ion/Li-Pol changer MAX1555 (from USB and from adapter)
4 layers PCB

GSM antenna connected through U.FL connector
Battery connector JST-2mm

Dimensions 42.5 x 23 x 9 mm


microTracker V2

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  1. I would like to buy one, could you send me the price, please

  2. hi. im interested of your board. can you send me the files of this project?

  3. I can send you 2-2 empty pcb - if you can really vount 0201 component/ send address via mail at top-left corner.

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