Modules for development

New modules for future development.

1. Debugger module compatible with j-link with a small size. After upgrade to latest version 4.14d work fine with Keil and IAR.

2. STM32 module (compatible with Maple project  but with a little changes in layout). Based on STM32F103RET6 microprocessor with 512Kb flash and 64Kb RAM. Power from External, USB or battery. Contain Li-Ion battery changer (MAX1555), 5V and 3.3V power regulators.

3. U-Blox GSM LEON G-200, GPS NEO-5, combo SIM+microSD holder. Also include switching power supply (or external Li-Ion battery. All pin from GSM/GPS pins available on headers.

4. Audio module based on Texas TLV320AIC3101 audio chip (not complete soldering). This module not in Arduino format but contain all headers to pins.



To be continued...

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  1. Hi, just curious on where did you found the audio module based on the TLV320AIC3101? I am looking for a breakout board for it. Thanks.

  2. I design and make it myself

  3. ola como faço para adquirir?

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