Compact OBD-II adapter with Radio link

Compact OBD-II adapter with TR24A radio adapter.
Standard ELM327 controller with ATMega168 (arduino compatible) and TR24A radio module.

Dimensions 58 x 32 mm



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  1. hi X893,

    do you have any idea about on board debugger which communicate with PC by Ethernet, or Wifi, or CANbus, not by USB, then we can debug the target MCU board far away, if we use MDK development tool, We rewrite the CMSIS_DAP.dll? or we use the RDDI-DAP interface, do you have any protocols about the RDDI-DAP?

  2. Hi,

    you can use JLink with Ethernet. Or connect Jlink to Raspberry, run Jlink Remote Server and connect RPi over Ethernet or WiFi. i use only JLink last 5 years.

  3. Thanks, may be i will try it

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