To be a key–role member of highly qualified team utilizes my best skills developing for over 20 years of experience on different IT areas. Current experience made me ready to be a best candidate on leading positions, preliminary as a Senior Developer/Team Lead.

For a long time being involved into issues investigation, legacy code reengineering, micro- and architecture benchmarks, technology test-drives, proved me to be a valuable IT professional with the deep expertise of different areas that allowed me to provide a streamlined feedback to Architects and Project Leads, which is desirable on projects discussion phases. Team leadership and project management background; Distributed Client–Server and Multi–Tier Software Architecture; Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Development; Test–Driven Software Development; Automate Development Activities; Enterprise–level Software Development including Factory Automation area, Open Source initiatives.

C#/VB/.NET, ASP/ASP.NET, VBA/VB/Script Languages (prototyping), C/C++,   COM/DCOM/COM+, MTS, OLE, Internet Protocols, Sockets, WebServices/SOA, SOAP, XML/XSL/XSLT, ADO/OleDB/ODBC, Oracle/MS SQL T-SQL, MS Biztalk, Exchange, Commerce, Sharepoint Server components, MS Office plugins and external component, MSDOS/Windows, Linux, OOD/OOP/UML, Borland C++ Builder, MS Visual Studio 6/7/8, GCC, IP Telephony (SIP/IAX), IEC/RFC standards, AJAX, HTML/DHTML, Javascript, VBScript, DOM, Perl, PHP, Parser Java (J2EE, JTAPI etc.), J#, Flash, ActionScript


Sep 2006 :
Architector & Developer

Dec 2004 – Sep 2006 :
Senior Developer

·    A key-role member of Outsourcing Company for Dell Europe.
·    Created functional specifications and implemented the core libraries by directing technical architecture, requirements definition, object & database model design, and implementation of the core code.
·    Focused development to target extensibility, reliability and dependability, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and maintenance with intuitive interface design and robust technical architecture.
·    Hired from Outsourcing Company contract for outstanding application development and support.
Successfully Delivered Projects:
JANUS (Shipping Sortation Order Management System) – n-Tier client-server self-tuned distributed solution for order management. This product manages orders, its statuses, and completes Factory Solution that is called "Outbound". It also controls several conveyor belts for physical product diversion (from the factory lines to the trucks of different destinations), collects and stores conveyor statistics and events, produces different reports, has 2 types of its clients – Desktop based and PDA based. This product utilizes several operational systems, such as Windows 2003 EE, Linux RHEL3 and QNX that is a part of 3rd party controlling hardware and software. My part of this project is ASP.NET based UI for control and monitoring of the whole solution.
Ongoing Architecture and Development - had been involved within ongoing development, that includes Deployment Automation activities:
·    ACF deployment procedures, including the build of VMware based running prototype. Automated Controls Framework is a system consisting of IT supported mechanisms to provide integration between the Factory Floor and the ERP systems in order for automated decisions to be made about the physical routing of units through the manufacturing plant. The ACF interfaces directly with systems in manufacturing and indeed with the plant used move those systems through manufacturing at every stage of the manufacturing process, from kitting to build to test to boxing to shipping. ACF is a Class 1 system; any outage would immediately impact the business. This product is developed for Windows 2000-2003 and utilizes COM+/COM as a base technology.